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Hi! Michelle Rosado here.

I founded the Empowerment Within mentoring program in 2007 when I began writing my co-authored book,  "Pursuing Your Destiny: How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Dreams" with my husband Randy. As a business consultant and personal mentor I encourage you to take a leap of faith and allow yourself to live the life and work with purpose.

I have blessed with mentoring many people in programs and as individual clients to live an empowered life. All of my programs are based on the Divine message I was given on the morning of September 11, 2001. I was destined to be at my desk on the 95th floor of Tower 2 when the first plane hit Tower 1, and I was not even sure why I should have stayed on this planet. In the months following however, I had a very powerful, deeply awakening experience. My vision led me to a deep knowing that each one of has purpose; a truth that connects us all and that with love and understanding we will transform not only in our life, but other lives as well.

You CAN live an empowered life. How?  Having a system that helps you to awaken your emotional energy and brings you to a place of knowing what you truly desire.


Here's what two Empowerment Strategies readers said...

"Upon opening my email I look for your inspiring messages right away. I feel it helps to start my crazy day with clear thoughts. Sometimes, I even read it over again during  the day. It makes me ponder for a moment and think of how true each quote is!  A few lines of thought makes a whole day brighter! Reading the quotes is similar to my needed cup of coffee each morning. Thank you!" 
- L. Trefcer, Wantagh, NY


"Yes, we know that this economy is killing all of us a little each day, at times losing hope as to when we will be getting a good paying job or preventing foreclosure on our homes, or even just to put food on our tables. Every morning like most people I check my email for replies for job opportunities, and when I receive Michelle's empowering messages I actually feel uplifted and more positive after reading them. So now before leaving the house I have my cup of Joe and my Empowerment Strategies messages and my days are fabulous! I can finally see the light at the end of that tunnel. Thank you so much!"
D.R. Ft. Lauderdale. FL

No matter what vision you hold in your mind; whether it's for you, your family, your team or the world, there has never been a more important time for you to take steps toward achieving your dreams!

Sign up to get my Complimentary "5 Principles for Using the Mind to Overcome Obstacles" ($97 value).  In this mini-course you will learn proven steps to:

  • Stop identifying with the past and be renewed in your present moment
  • Release the toxic thoughts that cripple the mind and body 
  • Fully accept who you are without fear or judgment * Know exactly what goals you'd like to achieve

or if you'd like to have someone contact you to talk about what program or product would support you best, click here and one of my associates will be in touch.

What's more, I have decided to give you immediate access to these additional free gifts - no strings - no hassle - just one simple request from me...

 My tips and resources for empowerment and inspiration;

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Please trust me on this. As someone who has devoted her life to sharing messages of hope, awareness and healing, I know you are in a unique position to actually achieve the dreams that you have been thinking or talking about.

These gifts are an expression of my commitment to support you in getting what you want.

My intention is simple: To help you achieve your dreams, and empower your life!
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